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With features like incident tracking, caseworker reporting, document management, and global availability, your life just got easier.

Our Solution to the Hassle

Extended/Foster families have more to deal with than the average traditional home. Extended families must remember visits for doctors, visitation, schools, and more. This is in addition to training, licensing, multiple insurance providers and much more.

Our solution helps you to digitize that life and have access to the required information anytime, anywhere in the world. Listed below are some of the features that have come to make us the trusted name in Extended Family Management.

Document Management

Find what you need when you need it

Integrated Document Management allows you to tag documents with specific catagories and keywords for quick retrieval of legal, medical, school, licensing, and state paperwork.

Documents can be securely shared with people that you choose, such as caseworkers, attorney, paternal family, and more. Documents can also be re-printed if originals are lost. All of your documents are encrypted both in-transit, and in rest while on our server(s) to ensure the highest level of security available.

Incident Management

Managing the stress

Using the integrated incident management system you can quickly catalog and recall all of the important moments. The system also ties in with automated reporting to allow people of your choosing to securely receive incident reports. You choose who, what, and when and your done.

Online journal

Have quick and easy access to record you and your families day. Quickly recall entries for court(s), state(s), and more as needed, on -demand.

Online journaling links with incident management and reporting as you choose to allow complete ease and flexibility.

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Data Safety

We take your data and it’s safety as our number one priority. We employ the latest in backend security technologies to ensure that your data is safe with us.

Our History

Our company started when we started our own extended family and quickly discovered the challenges in managing such a diverse and busy lifestyle.

Our vision

To remove the additional complexity in managing your family so that you can spend more time enjoying life’s little moments with them.

Low cost

While we understand there are many challenges we don’t want cost to be one. We offer our solution for as low as $5.99 a month per household/family.

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